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17 Years Of Nothing
Series 2, Episode 8
Air date 27 June 2005
Written by Roy Mitchell
Directed by Graham Theakston
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17 Years Of Nothing was the eighth and final episode of the second series of New Tricks.


The team set out on a case to uncover the identity of a torso that was discovered in the woodland in 1987. However, the crew find that solving the case is challenging with what little evidence they have.


Spoilers ahead

The team are set their toughest challenge yet - discovering the identity of a murder victim from just her torso. With the help of pathologist Professor Ian "Reinald " Mears, a man who makes even Brian look normal, the team get on the trail of a devious killer who believes his gruesome crime will never be solved. Meanwhile, Gerry is driven mad when he gives up gambling, and every horse he would have bet on wins. Fed up with his luck, he decides to have a wager with Strickland on the outcome of the case.