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A Face For Radio
Series 5, Episode 3
Air date 21 July 2008
Written by Lisa Holdsworth
Directed by Martyn Friend
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Final Curtain
Loyalties And Royalties

A Face For Radio was the third episode of the fifth series of New Tricks.


The UCOS team investigates the death of popular disc jockey Johnny Deacon who died in a fire when the radio station was set alight in 1998. The police knew it was arson, but were never able to find enough evidence to charge anyone. Johnny was very opinionated on air and seemed to go out of his way to be offensive at time. He also had a number of female admirers, one of whom may have been stalking him. With Jack still AWOL, Strickland puts pressure on Sandra to recruit a new member. Unsuccessful in finding him, Sandra and Gerry decide to quit rather than work with someone new. Is this the end of UCOS?