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Big Topped
Series 4, Episode 8
Air date 28 May 2007
Written by Roy Mitchell
Directed by Minkie Spiro
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Big Topped was the eighth, and final, episode of the fourth series of New Tricks.


The team face the challenge of explaining the death of a circus ringmaster who burned to death in his caravan, leaving only his feet behind. Pullman's mother has a stroke and this event leads Sandra to start asking questions about her father, who was a serving police officer at the time of his death. Her personal quest to discover the truth takes a dark turn after a chance remark from Strickland and she is horrified to learn that her trusted team have kept things from her and that one of them might have been indirectly responsible for the breakdown of his career, which drove him to his death.


  • This episode served as the final appearance of the third UCOS Headquarters.