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Series 4, Episode 1
Air date 9 April 2007
Written by Roy Mitchell
Directed by Rob Evans
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Casualty was the first episode of the fourth series of New Tricks.


Pullman prevents Jack from taking revenge against Ricky Hanson, in the process landing the whole team in hospital. With Gerry, Brian and Jack hospitalised, Pullman is forced to accept temporary help at UCOS from the super-efficient DCI Karen Hardwick, a woman who irritates her on every level. As she struggles to keep the truth behind the crash a secret from Strickland, Pullman becomes deeply suspicious that Hardwick has been recruited to spy on her. And with Jack clearly on the edge and suffering temporary memory loss since the crash, Pullman has her work cut out in trying to keep Hardwick in the dark. Threatened by a new face in the office and desperate to prove that they are still a crack team, even from a hospital bed, the boys need a case. So when their consultant, Dr Finlay McKenzie, mentions the suspicious death of a patient, Alan White, on their ward 10 years ago, they seize the opportunity to reinvestigate, hoping it will hold the team together. At the time of the original investigation, the finger of blame pointed to the doctor and nurse in charge of the ward, both of whom have long since left the hospital. But as the team delves deeper into former teacher White's past, they uncover a history of child abuse and more than one victim whose life was destroyed by White's actions. When they discover the truth, the team are left wondering who the real villain is.


  • This episode served as the first appearance of the third UCOS Headquarters.
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