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Series 3, Episode 8
Air date 5 June 2006
Written by Roy Mitchell
Directed by Rob Evans
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Congratulations was the eighth, and final, episode of the third series of New Tricks.


A school arson is being reinvestigated when the young man originally convicted of the crime, Luke Hanson, turns out to have an alibi after all. However, Jack is determined to get a confession from Luke’s father, Ricky, his old nemesis, who is suspected of having killed his own brother about the same time. Jack believes Ricky Hanson set his own son up to take the fall for the arson to get him out of the way and is desperate to see him behind bars once and for all. As Jack investigates, he begins to believe that the elder Hanson may have been responsible for a tragedy closer to home. Meanwhile, Gerry receives a visit from a girl called Emily, who tells him that he may be her father. Elsewhere, Pullman receives a tempting job offer away from UCOS, whilst Brian's new hobby threatens to tempt him back into alcoholism.


  • The start of the episode is set on 9th December 2006, exactly 3 years since the formation of UCOS.


  • This episode served as the final appearance of the second UCOS Headquarters.