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Couldn't Organise One
Couldn't Organise One
Series 5, Episode 5
Air date 4 August 2008
Written by Roy Mitchell
Directed by Rob Evans
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Couldn't Organise One was the fifth episode of the fifth series of New Tricks.


When a senior officer is unmasked as corrupt, UCOS are tasked with re-investigating his only unsolved crime: the death of the Chief Brewer at Felspar's Brewery, which proves to be rather intoxicating for the boys. It soon becomes apparent that the glowing reputation of the brewery in the late 1990s may have sparked a case of industrial sabotage, which spiralled into murder. For Sandra, the case has a more personal aspect as she learns some difficult truths about her dead father.


The title of this episode comes from the saying, "Couldn't organise a p**s up in a brewery".