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From Gerry's expression, any investigator could instantly tell that they're dealing with someone who's mind is closed to new ideas.
— Dan Griffin, Bermondsey Boy

Daniel Griffin
Dan Griffin
Physical Information
Name Daniel Griffin
Born c.1961 (aged ~59)
Portrayed by Nicholas Lyndhurst
First Appearance Cry Me A River
Final Appearance The Crazy Gang
Appearances see list
Occupational Information
Occupation Metropolitan Police Officer (c.1980-c.2013)
Title Detective Chief Inspector (retired)
Police Branch Diplomatic Protection Group (??-??)
Murder Squad (??-c.2013)
UCOS (2013-2015)
Family Information
Spouse Sarah Griffin (??-2015)
Partner Fiona Kennedy (c.2014/5-)
Siblings 1 sister
Children Holly Griffin

Daniel Griffin (born c.1961) was a Detective Chief Inspector for the Metropolitan Police Service, retiring in 2013. After only a couple of months, he decided to come out of retirement and join UCOS, being recommended by Brian Lane as his replacement. He has a daughter, Holly Griffin, with his ex-wife, who is currently in a mental institution. He is currently dating Fiona Kennedy as of 2015.[1]


  • Dan Griffin is the second member to join the UCOS team since its formation.
  • Brian Lane was partially responsible for Griffin's recruitment to UCOS having recommended him to Sandra Pullman.[2]
  • Griffin seems to strive for a social life despite having little, if any, friends. He was saddened when his daughter moved out for university and, with his wife in a mental institution, felt very lonely. Out of sympathy his colleagues at UCOS decided to invite him out more.[3]
  • After his daughter moved out he decided to get a cat.[4]
  • Griffin is trained in the arts of body language, having done a crash course in 2014.[5]
  • He has a fond taste in jazz music, his daughter too.[6]
  • He is not fond of surprises, to the extent where he will write a list for his daughter concerning his birthday and christmas gifts.[7]
  • His ex-wife Sarah Griffin, separated but not divorced, is in a secure mental institution for self-harming and attempting to drown their daughter when she was 13. It is very clear that this has deeply affected him, despite claiming to still love her.[8]
  • He is a very good chess player, defeating Gerry Standing in under four moves.[9]
  • His sister was a member of the Club Tropicana fan club.[10]


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