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Donald Bevan
Donald Bevan
Physical Information
Name Donald Bevan
Born Unknown
Portrayed by Nicholas Day

(Tim Woodward in pilot)

First Appearance The Chinese Job
Final Appearance Talking To The Dead
Appearances Series 1
Occupational Information
Occupation Metropolitan Police Officer (??-c.2005)
Title Deputy Assistant Commissioner (retired)
Police Branch UCOS (2003-2005)

Various Others

Donald Bevan was a Deputy Assistant Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police Service. He is, perhaps, best known for setting up UCOS and appointing DSI Sandra Pullman as their leader. In 2005 he retired, being succeeded by Robert Strickland.

Donald bevan tim woodward

Tim Woodward's portrayal in the pilot episode


  • Don Bevan was the original founder of UCOS.
  • He has an uneasy relationship with his investigative squad and is often portrayed as ill-tempered.

Preceded by
DAC, in charge of UCOS
Succeeded by
DAC Robert Strickland (2004- )