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Final Curtain
Series 5, Episode 2
Air date 14 July 2008
Written by Chris Coghill
Directed by Julian Simpson
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Final Curtain was the second episode of the fifth series of New Tricks.


When Jack goes AWOL after the Hanson case falls through, Sandra, Gerry and Brian are joined by Strickland's nephew James, an aspiring young copper to investigate the death of actor Michael Austin, who was shot dead during the performance of a play. The gun was loaded with blanks, but a piece of metal lodged in the barrel killed him. The death was ruled accidental at the time, but Austin's daughter Catherine has recently written a book, and new evidence in the form of a threatening note has come to light. Already a valued team member down, it looks like UCOS will lose another when Brian embraces his newfound love of the theatre. Meanwhile, Sandra is miffed when everyone forgets her birthday, so she goes on a dinner date with James Strickland.