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God's Waiting Room
Series 4, Episode 2
Air date 16 April 2007
Written by Richard Zajdlic
Directed by Sydney Macartney
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God's Waiting Room was the second episode of the fourth series of New Tricks.


Pullman's private and professional worlds clash when her mother, Grace, suffers a fall and needs care. Mother and daughter do not share a close relationship so, when Grace temporarily moves in with Sandra, sparks fly. However, the two do agree that Grace can no longer live on her own and they set about finding a suitable nursing home for her. On the surface, Whitemead seems perfect, until one of the residents, Leonard, confides that the death a year previously of another elderly resident, his fiancée Maggie Newley, was covered up and passed off as suicide. Despite hearing this, and to Sandra's dismay, Grace sets her heart on moving in. Although Strickland tells Sandra the case is not in their remit, her colleagues are determined to help Grace, and decide to do an undercover investigation on the sly. Jack reluctantly agrees to play the role of an elderly relative and manages to secure a place for himself at the home. Like a thorn in Halford's side, Gerry takes great delight in playing the concerned son visiting his old dad and, in an ironic twist, neurotic Brian Lane gets to play his doctor. It soon becomes clear that the calm façade of the home belies jealousies and petty crimes within. With Maggie's family and Leonard insisting that she would not have taken her own life, the team discover a link to her prescribed medication and that she had a love rival at the home, Pru Saunders. But would a dotty old woman really commit murder for love? Or did one of the nursing staff cross the line?