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Gordon Pullman
Gordon pullman
Physical Information
Name Gordon Arthur Pullman
Born 7th January 1922 [2]
Died 12th September 1975 (aged 53) [1]
Occupational Information
Occupation Metropolitan Police Officer (1959-1975)
Title Detective Inspector
Police Branch Unknown (1959-1970)

Vice Unit (1970-1972)
Serious Crime Squad (1972-1974)
Drug Squad (1974-10th September 1975)

Family Information
Spouse Grace Pullman (??-1975; his death)
Children Sandra Pullman

Tom Eldridge [4]

Gordon Pullman was a Detective Inspector for the Metropolitan Police Service, where he was awarded The Queen's Medal for Bravery. He is most notable for being the father of former UCOS leader, Sandra Pullman. After covering up the fact that he murdered "small time pimp", Iain Ranglen, he was placed under a formal investigation headed by DCI John Halford. To avoid prosecution, as well as putting an end to his depression, he decided to commit suicide through the means of carbon monoxide poisoning.[5] He died on 12 September 1975.[6]


  • He was very close to his daughter, Sandra, to the point where she never fully got over her father's death. She would always be striving to follow in his footsteps, regardless of what others thought of him.
  • The officer responsible for the investigation into him, which ultimately leading to his suicide, would later become Sandra's first Guv'nor and her first choice for the UCOS team. She was livid when she found out 30 years later but ultimately decided to forgive him.
  • It became apparent that he had ruffled various feathers during his time at the met - Sandra was often at the receiving end of this during her own time at the met.


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