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Sandra, you know where I am if you need me... but don't leave it too late, darling.
— Grace Pullman, Setting Out Your Stall
Grace Pullman
Grace pullman
Physical Information
Name Grace Pullman
Born c.1940s
Portrayed by Shiela Hancock
First Appearance God's Waiting Room
Final Appearance Setting Out Your Stall
Appearances see list
Family Information
Spouse Gordon Arthur Pullman (??-1975; his death)
Children Sandra Pullman
Tom Eldrige[1] (step-son)

Grace Pullman (born c.1940s) is the mother of Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman.[2] Her relationship with her daughter was difficult but she still made an effort to be civil. In reality she felt isolated and claimed that had her husband been in love with someone else then she would have "faded into the background hoping that one day she'd notice that her [Sandra's] other parent had loved her too".


  • Her mobile number is 07752413809.[3]


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