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Holly Griffin
Holly griffin
Physical Information
Name Holly Griffin
Born 1995
Portrayed by Storme Toolis
First Appearance Cry Me A River
Final Appearance The Queen's Speech
Appearances see list
Occupational Information
Occupation Law and Politics Student at Newcastle University[1]
Family Information
Father Daniel Griffin
Mother Sarah Griffin

Holly Griffin (born 1995) is the daughter of Daniel Griffin and Sarah Griffin. As of 2014 she is currently studying Law and Politics at Newcastle University.


  • Holly Griffin and her real-life counterpart, Storme Toolis, both use a wheelchair - Toolis has cerebral palsy and it can be assumed that Griffin has a similar condition.
  • When she was 13 her mother tried to drown her in the bath.[1]
  • Like her father, she has a keen interest in jazz music.[2]


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