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Loyalties And Royalties
Series 5, Episode 4
Air date 28 July 2008
Written by Nicholas Hopkins
Directed by Rob Evans
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Loyalties And Royalties was the fourth episode of the fifth series of New Tricks.


Gerry meets his heroes, the 70s rock band Bad Faith, when the team investigates the death of its lead guitarist, Andy Fletcher. It is over 30 years since the group split up, however, and the ageing rockers do not quite live up to the legends Gerry remembers. Andy's death was supposedly suicide in 1975. But a dying women hints that there was rivalry within the band. Although she reported it in the original enquiry, her statement is not on file and band members seem to have something to hide. What are they - and the Met itself - trying to cover up? Meanwhile, determined to prevent UCOS from disbanding, Brian finally tracks down Jack and tries to persuade him to return.