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Magic Majestic
Series 5, Episode 6
Air date 11 August 2008
Written by Paul Rutman
Directed by Julian Simpson
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Magic Majestic was the sixth episode of the fifth series of New Tricks.


At Brian's insistence, the UCOS team investigates a bizarre case from ten years earlier where a hypnotized woman subsequently killed her husband. Although the woman, Katie Briers, was found not guilty, the magician in question, Billy Carse, had his career ruined. Carse is now dead but as Jack examines the script used to hypnotize the woman, he realizes that there were subliminal messages throughout that lead her to kill. The question is who planted the messages and why. The focus is firmly on Carse's rival, Brandon Skye. Powerful mind games hypnosis prove a dangerous mix for Brian, sending him on a destructive path. Meanwhile, a disbelieving Gerry allows himself to be hypnotized to prove it can't be done but afterward, no one will tell him what happened.