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I don't know where he's gone but I do know that he's coming back, look. Mary, he'd never leave her - he'd have her moved or take her with him. No, he's coming back

Mary Halford
Mary halford
Physical Information
Name Mary Halford (née Cooper)[2]
Born 1947
Died 1998 (aged ~51)[1]
Portrayed by unknown
Appearances Wicca Work (uncredited cameo)
Family Information
Spouse Jack Halford (c.1962[3]-1998; her death)
Siblings Peter Cooper[4]

Mary Halford was the wife of Jack Halford, a Detective Chief Inspector for the Metropolitan Police Service. In 1998 she was murdered by Ricky Hanson after running her over down in his car - Jack never truly got over her death, talking to her grave as if she was still alive.


  • She met Jack Halford, whom she would later marry, at Brighton Park on 5th August 1961 - she wore a pink dress, matching the candy floss that Jack had bought her.[5]
  • It is unknown who portrayed Mary Halford - presumably due to the fact she only appears on-screen briefly in Wicca Work as a hallucination of Jack Halford.
  • In Tiger Tiger, Jack mentions Mary was dying which makes it unclear whether she was terminally ill prior to getting murdered by Ricky Hanson.


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