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Metropolitan Police Service
Agency Overview
Name Metropolitan Police Service
Formed 29 September 1829
Parent Agency Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime
Child Agency UCOS
Murder Investigation Team
Legal Jurisdiction England & Wales

Northern Ireland (in limited circumstances)
(Scotland is enforced by Police Scotland)

Headquarters New Scotland Yard
Employees 48,661 (total)

31,400 Police Officers
13,000 Police Staff
3,700 PCSOs

Agency Executive Unknown

(Possibly "Sir Iain Hays")[1]


Notable Police Officers




  • Mike Flemming (ex-Detective Chief Inspector)[26]
  • Gordon Pullman (ex-Dectective Inspector) - 10 September 1975[27]
  • John Felsham (ex-Deputy Assistant Commissioner)[28]

Killed in line of duty

  • Martin Ackroyd (Detective Chief Inspector) - died c.7th November 1983[29]
  • Kate Daniels (Police Constable) - died 15th October 1987[30]

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