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Nine Lives
Series 4, Episode 4
Air date 30 April 2007
Written by Lisa Holdsworth
Directed by Sydney Macartney
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Nine Lives was the fourth episode of the fourth series of New Tricks.


Jack goes to amend his will, and stumbles upon a case in which a man is contesting his aunt's will after she left all of her worldly goods to her horde of cats. With the last cat dead, the estate is once again up for grabs. The elderly woman, Dorothy Hepple, died rich and lonely ten years ago, and the death was put down to natural causes as the cats had already partially eaten her corpse. With the help of an officer from the RSPCA, Jack persuades Sandra to investigate the possibility that the cats had been deliberately locked inside to destroy the evidence. It soon becomes clear that her relatives are only interested in Dorothy's money, and are furious that the UCOS investigation has frozen Dorothy's assets, while her carer, Dale Hewson, seems more sympathetic. Hepple's neighbour, Tim Cuswell, loathed her and her cats obsessively, and lost a dog when it was apparently savaged by the cats. As UCOS discover Dorothy was surrounded by liars, Brian tries to solve problems with his dog Scampi, and Jack is faced with a difficult milestone.