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Only The Brave
Series 8, Episode 8
Air date 22 August 2011
Written by Julian Simpson
Directed by Julian Simpson
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Only The Brave was the eighth episode of the eighth series of New Tricks.


As part of his initiation into a motorbike gang called The Braves, Reece Chapman plans to murder a member of the rival gang he believes killed his father Eddie, the former leader of The Braves. Desperate to stop Reece, his girlfriend Stephanie Parr turns to UCOS for help in solving Eddie's murder to prove he's targeting the wrong man. As the team start to investigate, they are warned off by Stuart Barlow, an old friend of Sandra's now leading a squad tackling organised crime, as his investigation into The Braves for drug dealing is still ongoing. Before they can tell Stephanie they are not planning to go ahead, Sandra and Gerry find she has been attacked in her flat. Knowing that backing off now would make The Braves suspicious, UCOS work to solve one murder to stop another.


  • This was the fifth episode to be written and directed by the same person, Julian Simpson.