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Note: We are in desperate need of admins - if you're interested in becoming an admin please contact the top-level admin, Scott Davidson (talk). You will be expected to prove your dedication to supporting the wiki's future.

Top Priorities

The following is a list of the top-priorities that I intend to work on for the foreseeable future:

  1. Pages without images - find a suitable image (preferably sourced from the episode itself) for each page's infobox.
  2. Series 9's Credits
  3. Bio Pages
    • Main Cast - both current and past members.
  4. Series 1-8 Episodes - completed so that they no longer qualify as stubs.

An episode is deemed to be completed when the following boxes are ticked:

  1. Infobox has been filled in
  2. First line states what episode number it is and what series it belongs to
  3. Brief Summary Plot
  4. Cast (sourced from credits)
  5. Crew (again, sourced from credits)

If you editing an episode then please focus on these 5 areas first!

Article Layouts

Frequently Used Templates



List of pages that need major attention

As of 21st October 2014, the top priority is to reduce the number of stub pages to under 20% - A stub is a page that is less than 200 bytes - Special:ShortPages (Since a lot of information has yet to be added, the definition of a stub is subject to change)

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