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Part Of A Whole
Series 9, Episode 10
Air date 22 October 2012
Written by Julian Simpson
Directed by Julian Simpson
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Glasgow UCOS
The Rock, Part One

Part Of A Whole was the tenth, and final, episode of the ninth series of New Tricks.


  • This episode's airdate was swapped with Glasgow UCOS to avoid controversy surrounding said episode's plot and the recent revelation of Jimmy Savile - this episode is still officially classed as the tenth episode of Series 10 however.
  • This was the seventh episode to be written and directed by the same person, Julian Simpson.
  • Many of the character names in this episode are in-jokes relating to the British comics industry, a fact confirmed by Julian Simpson in an interview at the time with comics website Bleeding Cool. Murdered journalist Simon Bisley is named for an artist from 2000 AD, while secret agent Bryan Hitch is named for an artist who began his career at Marvel Comics UK. The Greg Rucka file is a tribute to an American comics writer, Carl Dillon is named in tribute to artist Steve Dillon, and the "Ellis" in shady company Ellis-Finch is writer Warren Ellis, while Finch may refer to writer/artist David Finch. Jane Ross is named for Jane Goldman, wife of well known comics fan Jonathon Ross. See also The Little Brother and The Rock, Part One.