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Robert Strickland (born c.1960s) is an Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service. Before his promotion to Assistant Commissioner, his duties involved overseeing various squads and units with the most notable being UCOS, led by Sandra Pullman and later Sasha Miller.

Robert Strickland
Robert Strickland
Physical Information
Name Robert Strickland
Born c.1959[1] (aged ~60)
Portrayed by Anthony Calf
First Appearance A Delicate Touch
Final Appearance The Crazy Gang
Appearances see list
Occupational Information
Occupation Metropolitan Police Officer
Title Deputy Assistant Commissioner (2005-2015)
Assistant Commissioner (2015-)
Police Branch UCOS (2005-2015)
Various Others
Family Information
Spouse  ?? (??-c.2006)[2]
Partner Christie Berlin[3] (??-c.2007; separated)
Unknown (c.2014-)
Children 3
Other James Strickland (nephew)[4]


  • Robert Strickland currently serves as the second agency executive of UCOS, succeeding Donald Bevan. He is seen to be highly protective of the unit and will do everything he can to improve its somewhat controversial reputation.
  • He greatly contrasts with his predecessor, Donald Bevan, as he is more lenient and cares more about uncovering the truth as opposed to "looking nice" to the extent of prioritising cases in order of chances of success.[5]
  • Not much of Strickland's personal life is known apart from an insight into his romantic relationships. In 2015 his third child, a girl, was born.[6] He also has a nephew called James who is currently following in his footsteps at the MET.
  • Despite making regular appearances since Series 2, he is not credited by the producers as part of the main cast.
  • He had initially applied to join Sandhurst but was rejected - he claims this was because he "punched the wrong man" (He had been paid through university by the army).
  • After Gerry Standing left in Last Man Standing, Part Two, he is the only person that makes a direct connection to the original UCOS team, despite not being in the first series himself.
  • He is seen to be against corruption and cover ups within the MET or any other government organisation, often being the one leaking to the press[7] - Emily Ward, a newspaper journalist, is in his contact book.[8]
  • In 2015, AC Cynthia Kline briefly became his superior. He would later be promoted and take over her office.


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Preceded by
DAC Donald Bevan (2003-2005)
Co-ordinator of UCOS
Succeeded by
Unknown (2015-)