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This page is about the leader of UCOS.
You may be looking for Victoria Kemp from a previous episode, also portrayed by Tamzin Outhwaite, found here.
Look, obviously you and Sandra Pullman were very close, and she did a fabulous job, so I understand that this is a bit difficult for you.
— Sasha Miller, Roots
Sasha Miller
Sasha Miller
Physical Information
Name Sasha Miller
Born c.1970s
Portrayed by Tamzin Outhwaite
First Appearance Roots
Final Appearance The Crazy Gang
Appearances see list
Occupational Information
Occupation Metropolitan Police Officer
Title Detective Chief Inspector (2013-2015)
Detective Superintendent (2015-)
Police Branch Kidnap Unit (??-2013)

UCOS (2013-2015)
Honour Killings Unit (2015-)

Family Information
Spouse Ned Hancock (??-2013; divorced)
Partner Ethan Beckett (2014)
Children Alex Miller
Madeline Miller

Sasha Miller (born c.1970s) is a Detective Chief Inspector for the Metropolitan Police Service. She is, perhaps, best known for being appointed as the second leader of UCOS in 2013, succeeding DSI Sandra Pullman. She has two children, Alex and Madeline, with her ex-husband, Ned Hancock, who she divorced in 2013.


  • Tazmin Outhwaite previously appeared in "Love Means Nothing In Tennis" as a different character, Victoria Kemp.
  • Sasha Miller is the seventh member to join the UCOS team since its formation.
  • She currently serves as the second leader of UCOS, succeeding Sandra Pullman.
  • The UCOS team acted very hostile towards Sasha, Gerry in particular, because she went about things very differently compared to their former leader. They would eventually accept her after she proved that she was more than capable of leading UCOS.[1][2]
  • She has two children who are currently at University - her son, Alex, is studying at Strathclyde University.[1]
  • It is briefly mentioned that her mother swore a lot and drank tequila which implies that the two never got on well.[3]


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Preceded by
DSI Sandra Pullman (2003-2013)
Edward Case (2015; temporarily)
Leader of UCOS
(temporarily hospitalised in 2015)
Succeeded by
Edward Case (2015; temporarily)
Unknown (2015-)
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