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Look, Brian, I never met Jack Halford, I heard a lot of good things about him but I never met the man. I know you all had a strong attachment to him but I didn't come down here to make friends - I came here to do a job. I'm not trying to replace Jack Halford, I'm not trying to steal your friends, I'm just trying to get along.
— Steve McAndrew, Body Of Evidence

Steve McAndrew
Steve McAndrew
Physical Information
Name Steve McAndrew
Born c.1940s
Portrayed by Denis Lawson
First Appearance The Girl Who Lived
Final Appearance The Crazy Gang
Appearances see list
Occupational Information
Occupation Strathclyde Police Officer (??-c.2007)
Title Detective Inspector (retired)
Police Branch Strathclyde CID (??-2007)

UCOS (2012-2015)

Family Information
Spouse Tricia McAndrew (??-c.2003; divorced)
Partner Charlie (??-c.2013)
Father Robert McAndrew[1]
Siblings Alice McAndrew[2]
Children Stewie McAndrew

Steve McAndrew was a Detective Inspector for the Strathclyde Police, retiring in 2007. In 2012, Robert Strickland called him into UCOS to assist with a cold case that he was involved in prior to his retirement - he would later be permanently recruited onto the team.


  • The writers had originally intended to name him "Steve McGriffin" but it was changed at the last minute for unknown reasons. Interestingly, the next person to join UCOS after him was Dan Griffin.
  • Steve McAndrew is the first person to join the UCOS team since its formation.
  • McAndrew is currently the only person to have worked with UCOS prior to his permanent recruitment.
  • He was married to Tricia McAndrew but, after lashing out (hurling a radio) when he found out about her affair, he divorced her in 2003 and hadn't seen her, or his son, until roughly ten years later.
  • He was born and lived most of his life in Glasgow. He then moved down to London after he retired in the hopes to reunite with his son.
  • Initially the UCOS team were hostile towards McAndrew, especially Brian Lane (even after Gerry has accepted him), because they saw him as just a "replacement" for Jack Halford but later softened and see him in a different light.
  • Like all stereotypical Scottish people, he is known to have a profound interest in going to the pub for a drink - it is for this reason why he and Gerry Standing get along so well.
  • His father, Robert McAndrew, hated and physically abused him. Desperate for reconciliation and closure, which failed, he visited him in hospital prior to his death where he found out that his is hated by his father so much because he was never considered as a son (possibly for choosing to work as a Police Officer instead of the family tradition as a Docker). It is revealed that the reason why McAndrew is desperate to be on good terms with his own son, Stewie, is because he does not want to be like his father - his ex-wife, Tricia, strongly denies that he is anything like his father, however it must not be used as an excuse.[3]


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