In-Universe Page
Stewart McAndrew
Stewie mcAndrew
Physical Information
Name Stewart "Stewie" McAndrew
Born c.1997
Portrayed by Keith Ramsay
Appearances Into The Woods
Wild Justice
Occupational Information
Occupation Student
Family Information
Father Steve McAndrew (biological)
Edward (step-father)
Mother Tricia McAndrew
Other Robert McAndrew (paternal grandfather)
Alice McAndrew (paternal aunt)

Stewart McAndrew (born c.1997) is the son of Steve McAndrew and Tricia McAndrew. In 2003 his parents had an enraged row, leading to them getting a divorce - he didn't see his father again until ten years later in 2014.


  • Initially a football player in 2003, he has since taken up Rugby.[1]
  • According to his school tutor, he is clever enough to study at Oxford University.[2]
  • In 2014 he was found to be in possession of a Class-B drug - he was given a caution by police.[3]


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