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Talking To The Dead
Talking To The Dead
Series 1, Episode 7
Air date 6 May 2004
Written by Simon Block
Directed by Jon East
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Talking To The Dead was the seventh, and final, episode of the first series of New Tricks.


Jack Halford hopes a clairvoyant will put him in touch with his late wife. Instead, he is contacted by a girl who disappeared twenty years earlier.


Spoilers ahead

In an attempt to make contact with his late wife Mary, Jack goes to see a clairvoyant. During his séance, he is contacted by a 17-year-old girl, who was murdered in a shipping container in 1982. Jack then decides to re-open the case, as her killer was never brought to justice. Brian and Gerry suspect a medium who was involved in the original investigation, claiming he had information about the girl he discovered through the paranormal. When it is revealed the girl faked her abduction to get her parents' attention, the team coach the medium into revealing just what happened.