The Chinese Job
The Chinese Job
Series 1, Episode 1 (pilot)
Air date 27 March 2003
Written by Roy Mitchell
Directed by Graham Theakston
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The Chinese Job was the first episode of the first series of New Tricks and was subsequently the first regular appearance of DSI Sandra Pullman, Jack Halford, Gerry Standing, Brian Lane, DAC Donald Bevan and PC Izzy Clarke.


Sandra Pullman leads a new unit, UCOS, whose first case is to investigate the murder of a nightclub hostess.


Spoilers ahead

After an attempt to rescue a kidnap victim goes horribly wrong, Dect. Supt. Sandra Pullman, the officer in charge who shot a dog during the raid, is reassigned. DAC Donald Bevan puts her in charge of UCOS, a new unit focusing on unsolved cases. There are no resources available, but Sandra is authorized to hire retired detectives and turns to her mentor, Jack Halford, to help her assemble a team. Together, they interview a number of ex-policemen and settle on Brian Lane, a reformed alcoholic who retired after a prisoner in his custody died, and Gerry Standing, an "old-school cop" with a reputation within the force for mixing with criminals and who won't hesitate to cut corners if it will get him a result. Their first case is the murder of a nightclub waitress in 1981 when the accused, Roddy Wringer, is released after 21 years in prison when one of the officers on his case is found to have been corrupt. Bevan is convinced Wringer is guilty and makes it clear that he expects Sandra to prove that. As the investigation progresses, however, it appears that Wringer may not have committed the murder that put him in jail and that the investigating officer knew that but withheld evidence.



Sourced directly from episode's credit sequence.



  • Directed by Graham Theakston
  • 1st Assistant Director - Martin Harrison
  • 2nd Assistant Director - Anthony Wilcox
  • 3rd Assistant Director - Chris Stoaling
  • Floor Runner - Charlie Waller
  • Casting Director - Suzanne Crowley
  • Casting Director - Gilly Poole
  • Director of Photography - Lukas Strebel

Production Department

  • Executive Producer (Wall to Wall) - Alex Graham
  • Executive Producer (BBC) - Mike Dormer
  • Executive Producer (BBC) - Julie Scott
  • Producer - Gina Cronk
  • Line Producer - Charles Hubbard
  • Production Co-ordinator - Adele Steward
  • Assistant Production Co-ordinator - Andria Christophi
  • Production Runner - Sarah Coombs
  • Production Accountant - Chris Green
  • Assistant Production Accountant - Adam Freeman
  • Production Designer - Grant Hicks
  • Publicity - Diana Harris


  • Location Manager - Rupert Bray
  • Unit Manager - Jethro Ensor

Camera and Electrical Department

  • Focus Puller - Matt Poynter
  • Clapper Loader - James Scott
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  • Gaffer - David Oldroyd
  • Best Boy - Paul Benson

Sound Department

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Art Department

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  • Standby Props - Mark Sindall


  • Stunt Coordinator - Martin Grace
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  • Stunt Performer - Stuart Clark
  • Stunt Performer - Gerry Crampton
  • Stunt Performer - Neil Finnighan
  • Stunt Performer - Sarah Franzi
  • Stunt Performer - Elaine Ford
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  • Animals supplied by Animals O Kay

Costume Department

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  • Make-Up Artist - Kate Hodgson

Editing Department

  • Script Supervisor - Sarah Garner
  • Editor - Pamela Power
  • FX Editor - Michael Maroussas
  • Dubbing Editor - Wayne Brooks
  • Re-Recording Mixer - David Humphries A.M.P.S.
  • Colourist - Aidan Farrell


  • Title Sequence - Huge Design
  • Composed by Mike Moran
  • "End of the line" sung by Dennis Waterman


  • Brian Lane has been sober and free from alcohol for 2 years, 2 months and 8 days.