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The Last Laugh
Series 6, Episode 6
Air date 20 August 2009
Written by Nicholas Hopkins
Directed by Robin Sheppard
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The Last Laugh was the sixth episode of the sixth series of New Tricks.


Official BBC Synopsis
The team reinvestigates the disappearance of two young political activists who had waged a very public campaign against racist comedian Ray Harris. But the case takes a dramatic turn when UCOS discovers the missing persons had infiltrated an extreme right-wing group with links to dangerous criminal Ricky Hanson, the man who murdered Halford's wife, Mary.


Sandra reluctantly agrees to look into the disappearance of Sarah Jones and her boyfriend Daniel Cobb 25 years ago. Sarah was quite an activist in her day taking up many causes. The initial focus of the investigation is on Ray Harris, an aging somewhat out-of touch comedian whose low comedy - mostly anti-women and homophobic - is only of limited appeal. Soon however, they're on to a right wing group known as the Twenty fours who in their day would go around bashing anyone they took a mind to. It also leads them to Ricky Hanson, the man they know killed Mary Halford when he purposely ran her down with a car.